Meet The Sales Prevention Squad

Meet the Six (6) Aspects of Most Small Businesses that Destroy Profit Margins


Again, voicemail was created as a convenience and a cost cutting method to remove “non-essential” employees.  Vinnie is guilty of Sales Prevention just like the rest of the Squad. Why you might ask? Well, the answer is simple; if you’re a client looking for a certified HVAC repair person to fix your furnace while it is a blizzard outside, would you want to leave a message with Vinnie, or do you really want to speak to that person who is going to solve your issue? Take your time…we will wait for an answer…So you made the logical choice and chose to want to speak to a live person and NOT Vinnie. We at MARKETING GENIE™ understand the need of a client to reach out a “touch” someone, so we built the CRM with all intentions that people who are looking to get in touch with you do. It is that simple.


She might as well be on a business suicide mission. In an environment where our attention span is much shorter than it used to be during the No Tech Jack Era, blending in is essentially committing business suicide.  Whereas, blending in may be acceptable in other walks of life, but in business Plain Jane has no place, she gets the pink slip! We don’t want to be harsh but we do want to shed some light on blending in and disappearing amongst your peers is a sure way that you will lose your client base. MARKETING GENIE™ offers numerous options to customize your image in order to receive not only recognition but cast a wider net for your business.


Need we say more? Sure, no problem. Wireless subscriptions are at an all time high, internet access for almost everyone is now a necessity; we practically have a conniption when there is no internet access. Since your clients are most likely using various methods of communicating, searching for pertinent information on different platforms, One Way Willy is usually no where to be found.  Ever wonder why we still get a phone book in our driveway when we can all Google everything? One Way Willy would like to stay in the yellow pages and that’s it! Where is your phone book? Is it still in the plastic bag? Or did you recycle it? Look no further as MARKETING GENIE™ allows for an integrated way of existing and new clients to communicate with you and you with them. If a client prefers correspondence with SMS messaging, then you can set that up for that client; email, no problem, more than one email, no problem, a voice shot reminder, done deal, letters, post cards, etc, yup we have those options too!


Annie’s reason for existence was probably a noble thought gone wrong. We have all experienced Annie! Have you called an 800 number lately that requires you to first listen to the ten options, of which none really address what you are calling about usually? Have you pressed 0 to pass all of the options so you can talk to a live person just to be told by Annie that she doesn’t recognize that command? We know you were ecstatic to meet Annie (we’re joking). Well, Annie is unfortunately responsible for a lot of frustrated callers that either hang up or move on to another provider who answers live. With MARKETING GENIE’s ™ Call Tracking features, your clients can be routed to a real live person.


No Tech Jack is normally described as a stubborn boss who misses his glory days of the industrial age. The industrial age served its purpose, let’s make room for the information age to make a dent in business too. No Tech Jack is normally found in really small businesses and normally those businesses either stay struggling or completely get obliterated by more progressive competition. The rules are simple; we either grow or die when it comes to running a business. To maintain the same exact methodologies that are antiquated while the competition is soaring wouldn’t be wise. MARKETING GENIE™ CRM is by far the most integrated CRM available on the market.


Freddie is a great sales guy, but his biggest downfall is that he forgets to follow up a lot and looses more sales than he realizes. Freddie is also part of the Sales Prevention Squad so his goal is simple: prevent new business by not following up. Do you have a Freddie in your organization? It’s ok you don’t have to tell us; instead, we suggest that you try MARKETING GENIE™ to follow up with all of your clients and contacts so that you can pinpoint exactly when someone called, who spoke to them, listen to the recording, and then be able to follow that lead through your own funnel to see what communication was sent and when did it become a sale. If your finger is not on a pulse, then hurry and get back on track with MARKETING GENIE™. Save your business and then watch it grow!