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Who has time to spend tinkering with software? Our CRM is designed to do the work for you, not add more tasks to your plate.

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Who has time to tinker with marketing campaigns all day? The reality is most solutions that claim to simplify tasks require more time than they save the users through their alleged automations. MARKETING GENIE™ was designed for users who don’t have time to keep logging in to a computer, inputting data, sending emails and changing statuses. Once MARKETING GENIE is configured, new contacts can be automatically added to your list, assigned to campaigns and moved to other campaigns as the relationship develops. Then MARKETING GENIE will notify you once the contact shows signs that they may be approaching that “ready” point. MARKETING GENIE allows you to focus on legitimate prospects, while never losing contact with the ones that are not quite there yet.


Having information is one thing; finding it when you need it is another. MARKETING GENIE™ allows you to create unlimited tags and assign one or multiple tags to prospect records in order to group and perform easy searches. Here is an example. You attend a trade show and you want the ability later to track the contacts from the trade show. You can create a tag for “South Beach Trade Show 2014” and assign this tag to each record. You can also have tags automatically assigned to records from specific sources and search for records using one or more tags. The possibilities are endless.


Did that thank you letter go out to that important new contact? When was the last time that you contacted that prospect that wasn’t ready to buy? MARKETING GENIE™ automates tasks and provides you with a detailed record of all contact with each contact. Each time that a contact reaches a specific campaign step, the action is noted in the campaign log and you have a detailed register of all communication right in front of you.